A Doubtful Sound was born out of the Earthquake ruined mess of Christchurch city, New Zealand where there were no jobs, no bars and 20-odd people a week who may come out to watch you. They were born into a challenging environment. Hamish Woodside had been writing hard rock tunes since he was a kid but began to indulge into bands and song writing from 2005. After a few years with no real progression, Woodside hunted down Ollie Law through an online advert. He'd seen his work with a few other local Christchurch bands and sent a very basic demo for him to judge. Within days the two were jamming songs and setting out a band strategy. The guys were eventually joined by long term friends Chris Sutherland and Ben Delany who helped compliment their unique and new sound. The guys played their first and only show supporting Drift in Christchurch before the Earthquake hit. Between the levy, Woodside and Law wrote and recorded a few tracks with local producer Richard Frew. These tracks went on to be mastered by legendary engineer Steve Smart (who had also worked with Fleetwood Mac, The Cure & Pink Floyd to name a few). One of Steve's comments on the tracks was how much he "enjoyed the movement and style of the music", this only lead to igniting the confidence in what the guys were doing.

In 2011, on a winter's day, Woodside and Law sat together over a few beers playing some acoustic songs when Woodside floated an idea. "I've got the chance to go to the UK next year, you fancy it?". They both agreed and by February 2012, they were both on a plane with all of their instruments and only the clothes on their back. 

Once landed in the UK, the guys had already touched base with local musician, James Williams. A seasoned lead guitarist with an arsenal of tracks, it was a great fit for the newcomers. Next was a bassist. Law had produced an ad he hoped to put in their local studio, Factory Studios. Jake Bright, the employee there at the time decided to take a vital opportunity into his own hands and left the ad on the desk. Bright turned up to the audition himself and had sold his inhuman abilities within seconds. He had learnt all five songs in one practice and continued to boast his impressive history in classical music, production, engineering and contact list.

A Doubtful Sound were now set as a four piece with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Bristol provided a stomping ground above all others. Countless venues, thousands of people, studios, production and professionals all keen to lend a hand, the four musicians built their contact list and began to dominate the local music scene - making a name for themselves as the banter rich, beer drinking, loud boys.

Four years passed where critical experience was shoved their way. They traveled the country and Europe meeting and dealing with some of the best, and more so - some of the worst people in the industry. They'd cracked London ten times and managed recording sessions and live appearances on radio, TV and online. Their first major release was MAKE LOUD SEXY (2013) - produced by Factory Studios (Portishead, Massive Attack) and mastered by Pete Meher (U2, Paul Weller, The Rolling Stones, Linkin Park), it sold over 600 copies and began what was to be a loyal and interesting fan base.

In 2014, A Doubtful Sound decided to up their own achievements by booking into the world famous 100Club, London. With 3 other bands on support, the venue was sold out. People from as far as Manchester (6 hour drive) had traveled down to see them, the night was an enormous success.

Their next step was to mirror this response in Bristol and truly make a mark on their current home town. After releasing Best Is Over on 2014, the guys played the Louisiana (MUSE, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay) and again sold this out. Local, live music magazines reported on the event calling it "a stadium of noise within a room of few, captivating, interactive and exciting. A show few people or ears would forget any time soon".

In 2014, the guys made a crucial decision that A.D.S was to become a three piece. The direction and feel of the band made this inevitable and Williams was let go. To add to the movement, the band had made the decision of a 'cut off date' to head home.

The progress continued and lead to their latest EP, KIDS. Finding their "true, live sound" - KIDS was the perfect impression of what A.D.S had become on stage. Recorded at Joe's Garage in Bristol, the tracks helped the following of this group move onto the world stage where the band had gone into talks with Motorhead and LoveHoney(UK) on Motorhead's new adult toy collection. One week later, Dance Floor Killer made it onto their official advert. To celebrate success and promote their latest single, Take It Away, ADS hired the skills of Push the Button (UK) and the Matthew Ship, Bristol and filmed their latest video. The event turned into a gig for the extras and was played live, throughout the boat and ultimately the city. Sailing through the harbor, ADS could be heard as far away as 3 miles out of the city center, meaning around 30,000 people could hear their racket - whether they liked it or not. To round off the year, the boys support and opened for The Subways on their major European tour. 

December 2015, ADS paid their final thanks to the major support and love the UK had given them and played an unforgettable hour and a half show at the Louisiana. Bright realising the extent of travelling to New Zealand and the work involved with his current projects, collectively made the call to remain in the UK. Woodside & Law continued on as they first started and found themselves looking to rebuild the band. 

In the winter of 2017, Law caught back up with well known Manager and Radio Producer, Riccardo Ball. Ball helping to set up a collaboration with Jimmy Christmas of the D4 and Luger Boa, the boys were back in the studio recording their latest EP. Christmas featuring on the first single and producing, this new, exciting EP is due for release March 2018. Ball aims to have them on the national radio, TV and festival line up by end of 2018. 


Loud, enjoyable, comical presence with sounds that stem from the deserts of Nevada and a presence of the laid back, surfer vibe of New Zealand - these guys are not far from being the real deal. You too will find there is little doubtful about this sound.


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