Who we are

A Doubtful Sound is a three piece desert-grunge outfit born from the ruins of Christchurch City, New Zealand circa 2010.

Over the last five years, the band has been based in Bristol, UK exploring the industry and the lengths people will go to, to catch a glimpse of them live. They now reside back in New Zealand. 

What we do

Low tones, hard drive and fuzz, A.D.S have a sound that can be referenced to the Grunge era but sees itself sitting somewhere in-between commercial interests and pleasure. A.D.S are known for their on stage presence, enjoyment and interaction and have never taken what they do seriously. Recordings are produced on a continual basis, gigs are provided whenever humanly possible and beers are drunk more than any of the above.

“Who said Grunge was dead? A Doubtful Sound deliver monstrous riffs, huge tunes and an even bigger live show…” FRONT MAGAZINE August Issue 185.

“Edgy, raw, and hugely impressive...” The Unsigned Guide UK.

“A Doubtful Sound pull no punches with their short, sharp shocks of energy that will have you breathless and begging for more, proving the loud is definitely sexy!!” A Little Bit Louder.

"Not total shit..." Lemmy, Motorhead.


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